Job Spotlight

  • My friends told me I'd have to register with a lot of agencies before I would finally be offered a job. On my FIRST visit to EXACT STAFF, they were attentive, gave me great customer service and they were fast in searching out a job that was tailored just for me! I'm employed, happy in my career and thrilled with my whole experience at Exact Staff! Lorena T., Fresno CA

  • I'm very impressed with the Exact Staff professionals who take the time to hear you and help you in these trying times when it seems no one really cares. Exact Staff is a company that empowers you to succeed. The entire team worked hard to find the right job for me and they are caring and dependable. Any job seeker coming through the doors of Exact Staff will find professional and friendly placement support to get you on a career path just right for you C. Tarin, Rancho Cucamonga

  • Exact Staff provided a welcoming environment from the moment I came to their office. They took what is usually a stressful situation - searching for a career – and made it easy and comfortable. I really feel like I'm part of a family. I tell all of my friends who are serious about looking for a career to go to Exact Staff! Eric K., Los Angeles, CA